Why did Man City fail this year, and did – betting online have anything to do with it?

Why did Man City fail this year, and did – betting online have anything to do with it? Pep Guardiola cannot be too happy about this season at Manchester City. The results haven’t been great in the Premier, although they still have the Champions League to hopefully turn a positive result against Real Madrid. And, of course, you will be able to bet on that result with 1xbetbd – betting online.

But what has been happening over there at Manchester City? The club that seemed keen on dominating the past decade and the next is now in shambles, having lost its internal dominance to Klopp’s Liverpool and enjoying a not too comfortable standing in the League. Where are they heading now?…

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…and Guardiola would bet on it as well if he could! Hopefully, the next year will go a little better for the Citizens, as its supporters were used to much better results from the team. Ever since Guardiola joined the team, Man City accomplished successes in:

  • two Premier Leagues;
  • three Football League Cups;
  • one FA Cup;
  • and two Community Shields.

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But what’s really missing is the European Champions League, which the club has been after ever since the powerful and rich owners took over. Could this finally be the year that happens?

However, it will not be easy — as it never is, when we’re talking about the European Champions League. There are still some very big clubs, some even greater than City (as is the case with Real Madrid, for example) and nobody wants to make it easy for the Citizens to win. Don’t forget you can bet on all the ECL games and more by following the link at!

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Of course, you will want to see whether or not the Citizens make in on the second leg of the ECL fixture against Real Madrid — it’s a very exciting game, after all, putting Guardiola versus Zidane and Aguero against Messi. The good news is that  will host every single game of the ECL, and more! Do check it out as soon as possible.

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And while we’re at it, might as well tell you about all the other teams: Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Real Madrid…all those seem keen on winning the European Cup, but only one will be able to do it in the end. Why not bet on your favorite — better yet, why not bet on the one you’re sure to win the competition in the end?

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