Top 7 Best Iron in India With Detailed Review, Pros and Cons

Nobody wants to wear wrinkly and messy clothes. The reason why you might face this problem is owning an iron that does not function properly. It is wise to choose from the ultimate list of the best iron in India. Here we share such a list with you to help you narrow down your preference.

Iron is a household appliance needed by everyone to look the best, and their clothes are neat and wrinkle-free. Also, clothing iron is a household item that many people think they do not need it. But later regret it when they are e forced to wear crumpled clothes.

Top 7 Best Iron in India

IronPowerWeightWater TankWarranty
Philips GC1905 Steam Iron1440 watts1.6 kg180 ml2 years
Inalsa Flair Steam Iron2200 watts1.3 kg350 ml2 years
Singer Sapphire Comfort Steam Iron1250 watts1.8 kg280 ml2 years
Bajaj DX 2 Dry Iron600 watts0.59 kg-2 years
Havells Fabio Steam Iron1250 watts0.94 kg230 ml2 years
Philips Handheld Garment Steamer1200 watts0.89 kg70 ml2 years
Solimo Dry Iron1000 watts0.67 kg-2 years

Best Iron in India in-depth review

1. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron

Best Iron in India

Philips is one of the top brands in India whose appliances are common in every household. Philips has a lot of steam iron for various ranges. Hence you can select anyone within your budget.

GC1920 made to the top of our best iron in India list because of its speed. The iron also can straighten thick clothes instantly.

The power of the steam iron is 1440 watts and has a power cord that is 1.8 m in length. Also, you can use tap water for it.

It is easy to empty and fill the water tank. Also, it glides smoothly on every fabric due to the American Heritage soleplate.

Furthermore, there is a spray function that makes it easy to iron on hard creases. The regular steam is up to 17 grams per minute. You will also get various steam control and steam settings that you can select.

Besides, it has integrated calc-clean technology, which prevents the steam iron from any mineral build-ups.


  • You will get a 2-year warranty
  • The weight of the product is 1.6 kg
  • The water tank can fill up to 180 ml
  • Power is 1440 watts
  • The steam output is 17 gram/min
  • The quality of the thermostat is incredible
  • You can iron all your thick clothes such as leather and woolen wears
  • Has a lot of power settings which you can select according to the material of your clothes
  • The steam iron is not very sturdy

2. Inalsa Flair Steam Iron

Inalsa Flair Steam Iron

If you are looking for steam iron with many features and on a budget, go for the Inalsa Flair Steam Iron. The iron makes to our best iron in India list as it is very effective and lightweight.

Moreover, the wattage of the steaming iron is 2200, which works perfectly to iron your clothes. Also, it has a controlled setting where you can adjust the steam burst and the temperature according to the material of your clothes.

Besides, it has 123 steaming holes that emit strong steam that will evenly cover the surface. It works with regular tap water. Hence you do not need to use distilled water.

Furthermore, it has a super-fast and easy way to empty and fill the tank, which will save you some time. The soleplate is non-stick and is ceramic coated. Hence, the plate won’t stick with the fabric.

It also has a vertical steam feature that helps iron clothes that are hanging effectively. The swivel cord is flexible and can rotate 360°. Hence, you can move the iron effectively.

Moreover, the steam flows of 22 grams per minute, which will make your woolen clothes wrinkle-free.

The technology of anti-drip and anti-calc is another benefit to count on. Anti-drip will prevent water from staining the clothes, and anti-calc prevents having any white residue on the fabric.

Lastly, the water tank is 350 ml which is a good enough amount to iron your clothes for a long time.


  • The power of the iron is 2200 watts
  • You will have a warranty for two years
  • The water tank is 350 ml
  • The steam output is 22 gm/min
  • The weight of the steam iron is 1.3 kg
  • Has a large water tank means you can iron your clothes without any interruption
  • The steam burst is very powerful and will iron your thick fabrics as well
  • Has both anti-drip and anti-calc technology
  • The build quality is outstanding
  • The length of the cord is really short

3. Singer Sapphire Comfort Steam Iron

Singer Sapphire Comfort Steam Iron

Singer Sapphire Comfort Steam Iron will give you the desired result that you want from your steam iron. The soleplate has 41 steaming holes which ensures the steam gets distributed evenly.

Also, the iron has an adjustable thermostat, and you can change the temperature depending on your garments. Moreover, it has a detachable base so that it can be hassle-free while using it.

The vertical steam flows 10-20 grams per minute. It also has three ironing functions: dry, spray, and steam.

The soleplate is coated with ceramic for a better result. Lastly, it has a self-cleaning technology which means it is easy to maintain and hassle-free.


  • The wattage is 1250 watts
  • The water tank is 280 ml which is a large quantity
  • The steam output is between 10 to 20 gm/min
  • The weight of the product is 1.8 kg
  • You will get a warranty for two years
  • Has 3 ironing features that are steam, dry, and spray
  • You can adjust the steam output
  • The water tank can hold up to 280 ml of water
  • It is big and bulky
  • The base is loose

4. Bajaj DX 2 Dry Iron

Bajaj DX 2 Dry Iron

Bajaj is one of the renowned home appliances brands in India. If you want to invest in dry iron, then Bajaj has some good options. Today on our best iron in India list, we are featuring the Bajaj DX 2 Dry Iron.

The soleplate has a non-stick coating so that the iron does not stick with the clothes. Also, the swivel cord of the iron can rotate up to 180°.

Moreover, the iron is very lightweight to ensure the ironing is easy and fast. There is a lift at the end of the iron so that you can glide on your clothes smoothly.


  • the warranty is for two years
  • The swivel cord can rotate 180 degrees
  • The wattage is 600 watts
  • Non-stick coating
  • It heats up very fast
  • Consumes very little energy
  • Lightweight
  • The build quality is average

5. Havells Fabio Steam Iron

Best Iron in India

Havells steaming iron is another one that comes with decent features, and the price of the product is affordable.

The swivel cord is 360°; hence you can move your iron freely in all directions without any difficulty. Also, the water tank has a capacity of 230 ml which is a significant amount to iron your clothes for a long time.

Moreover, the soleplate is non-stick and has a coating for Teflon so that the iron runs smoothly on different garments. It has a self-cleaning feature making it durable and long-lasting.

Lastly, it has vertical and horizontal steam functions for multipurpose use.


  • The water tank capacity is 230 ml
  • It has a warranty for two years
  • Weight is 0.95 kg
  • The power of the steaming iron is 1250 watts
  • It is very lightweight
  • Teflon coating ensures that the iron can glide on various clothing materials smoothly
  • Has a self-cleaning function hence it will work for years
  • It takes time for the iron to heat up

6. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

If you want to invest in some vertical steaming iron, then Philips has a variety of them. These types of irons are still new in India and are expensive than regular steaming iron.

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer has a steaming flow of 22 grams per minute. It kills 99% of the bacteria while ironing the garments, thus making this particular vertical iron on our best iron in India list.

Moreover, the capacity of the water tank is 70 ml and has a light indicator when the iron is heating up thoroughly. Also, the power is 1200 watts, and the operating voltage of the iron is between 220 to 250 volts.

The water tank is detachable, and it is very lightweight. There is also safety gloves and brush attachment available with the iron. The cord is 2.5 meters, and so you can move your iron without any hassle. Also, it is safe to use on all kinds of fabrics.


  • The warranty of the product is two years
  • The steam output is 22gm/min
  • Cord length is 2.5 m
  • The power is 1200 watts
  • You can iron your clothes from your wardrobe since it is a vertical steaming iron
  • The cord is big hence you can move freely
  • While ironing the clothes will also kill most of the bacteria
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The capacity of the water tank is really low

7. Solimo Dry Iron


Solimo is Amazon’s brand which has a lot of home and kitchen appliances. The dry iron is portable and lightweight and has a power of 1000 watts. Also, it takes only a few seconds for the iron to turn hot.

Moreover, the soleplate of the dry iron has a non-stick coating which ensures that the clothes don’t stick with the surface of the iron and distribute the heat constantly while ironing.

The dry iron also has a thermal fuse which means it protects the iron from overheating.

There is also a temperature control key that lets you adjust the heat depending on the fabric of the cloth. Also, the iron has a duel light indicator. When it is red, the iron has to reach the desired temperature, and when it is green, the iron starts to cool down.

The swivel cord is flexible, and you can rotate it 360° so that you can move it quickly. This iron makes it on our best iron in India list as it has a lot of features and is inexpensive.


  • The power is 1000 watts
  • 360° swivel cord
  • The iron has a thermal fuse which ensures that the device does not overheat
  • You will get a warranty for two years
  • Soleplate has a non-stick coating
  • You can move the iron freely
  • The temperature controller is excellent
  • Has thermal fuse which protects the iron from overheating
  • The then length of the cord is really short

Types of iron

1. Steam irons

Steam irons are one of the most popular types of iron in the Indian market. There is a small compartment on the iron where water stores.

When you use it, fill the container with water, allowing the iron to make steam. Hence, this type of iron is known as a steam iron.

Moreover, smooth and neat ironing is done when you are using a steam iron. Also, steam irons are great for fabrics such as linen and cotton. All the stubborn crumples are removed when using the steam.

Furthermore, these irons also have a retractable cord and an auto turn-off feature.

2. Basic irons

These types of irons are also common in the Indian market. In this iron, there is a dial-in which you can control the temperature. Set the temperature according to what type of clothes you are using.

Also, they have metal sole at the base and are very affordable. However, these types of irons are suitable for all fabrics. They are also cumbersome and do not have any features such as auto turn-offs.

3. Travel irons

They are lighter and smaller than the normal ones. These irons are essential for travelers because they are very compact, and some of the travel irons also have a folding feature.

Moreover, they might have a steaming capability. Also, some are cordless, whereas others are chargeable. Hence if you travel a lot, then this kind of iron is the most useful and compatible.

In addition, many hotels have a laundry facility for the customer. So, this type of iron might not be necessary, but a travel size iron can be helpful during times of an emergency.

It is best to select a small travel iron, easy to carry and works best for your travel needs.

4. Vertical steam irons

Vertical steam iron is the latest innovation in terms of cloth iron. This type of iron is horizontal in shape. Most people haven’t used vertical irons. Hence it might be challenging to use in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, they are a great time saver.

Moreover, they produce steam like ordinary steam irons and is excellent in removing crumple and wrinkles. They are also an excellent alternative to the traditional iron method.

5. Deluxe clothes irons

Deluxe irons are the best type of irons with unique steaming features, and you can also control the temperature quickly. Moreover, there are also features like retractable cord and auto shut-off.

Furthermore, these clothing irons have non-sticking sole plates. Many heat holes are available on the plate, and it is effortless to fill the water tank. They are costly; however, if you want to invest in a heavy-duty steam iron, it is worth it.

What to check before buying a clothing iron?

1. The length of the cord

When you are buying an iron, you must check the length of the power cord. A long cable will help you move freely when ironing the clothes and won’t restrict the movements. Moreover, there are some irons which as a power cord of 12 feet. Hence select an iron that will help you to move at ease.

2. Wattage

If you are planning to buy a steam iron, then it is best to look for the wattage of the iron. The wattage in these irons determines how much steam the iron will generate and how quickly it will heat up.

Furthermore, look for steam irons with a wattage of more than 1500 as they perform the best. However, there are various factors as well which determine the function of the iron.

3. Quality of the soleplate

One of the most vital things to check when buying a clothing iron or steam iron is to check the soleplate. The soleplate of the iron determines the life span of the iron.

Also, a good quality soleplate helps to get a neater look. When buying a clothing iron, go for the non-stick soleplate as they do not scorch the garments and leave very few crumples and wrinkles.

4. Auto turn-off

Auto shut off for streamers is an excellent feature as it will prevent mishaps such as overheating or fire hazards.

5. Weight

People who use irons knowns it is challenging to an iron which is very bulky and heavy. Go for a lightweight iron which you can move quickly without hurting your arm. However, too light iron might not work correctly on the garments; hence look for something in between.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What brands to go for while searching for iron?

Bajaj, Philips, Havells, and Insalsa are some of the well-known brands in India that you can go for. Some of the best iron in India are from these brands.

2. Is it possible to use steam iron without adding any water?

It is not necessary to add water to the water tank when you are using a steam iron. If you want to create steam, then you have to add water. Otherwise, you can use steam iron as regular clothing irons as well.

3. What do Anti-Drip and Anti-Calc means?

Anti-calc is a feature that prevents the steam iron from getting damaged. When the water turns into steam, the salts and calcium carbonate present in the water react when heat is applied to the water.

They sometimes leave lime residues on the clothes. The Anti-Calc features help to prevent it.

Sometimes while using a steam iron, the water might come out from the heat holes on the plates, which can be frustrating when you are using it. To prevent such a mishap, manufacturers came with this technology called Anti-Drip. It solves this issue so that there is no water leakage.

4. What does auto turn-off mean?

Automatic turn-off means that the steam iron will shut off when it detects movements for a few minutes. This is done for safety reasons, and nowadays, every iron has this feature.

5. How to produce steam on the iron?

If you want to produce steam on your iron, you need to add water to the iron and set it to a temperature suitable for the garment’s fabric. There will be a steam control key to adjust the steam and heat. Also, read the manual that comes with the iron since the process might be different for every iron.

6. What to do when the iron does not create any steam?

The steam settings need to be in a particular position so the iron can work. There is another possibility that the setting is wrong and the amount of water in the water tank is less.

Sometimes you need to control the temperature and set it either equal or high to the steam symbol. The manual that comes with the iron will guide you. However, if nothing works, then it is best to talk to the customer service.

Final thoughts

These are some of the best iron in India that are available and are within budget. If you want an iron that will make your clothes look wrinkle-free and neat, then all the irons mentioned in our list will do the job.

Moreover, when looking for an iron, you must check the wattage and the quality of the soleplate before buying it.

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