Top 5 Betting Events Supported By 10CRIC

Indians have a deep interest in betting and gambling and history has proven it. Almost every civilization of the historic period has traces of games that are somewhat similar to betting. People used to enjoy these games and the obsession is continuing till today. Though there are countless games available that lets you celebrate the fever of gambling, sports Online Cricket Betting ID is still everyone’s favourite. Have a look at the list of top 5 Betting Events Supported By 10CRIC:-

Sports betting is very popular in India. At 10CRIC users can play numerous games and earn easy money. Especially when it involves games like cricket, kabaddi and football people enjoy betting on sports. Although it is not legal in many Indian states, there is no strict law against online betting. Also, sports betting provides you with the opportunity to earn a very good amount of money at a very limited time. This is something that enhances the interest of people in betting online. So without further delay, we would jump on the topic and see what are the top sports betting events 10CRIC supports.

Top 5 Betting Events Supported By 10CRIC


IPL is undoubtedly the game that receives the highest number of bets. Even in 2020 IPL was popular and the betting was constantly breaking all the records in 10CRIC. This year also the viewers have seen striking battings, fast and furious bowlings, impressive fieldings and amazing cricket teams. Although this year the sports event got cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic, the number of bets on IPL was still higher than most of the games. You just have to download the application, get yourself registered and make the most of your betting experience. 


Caribbean Premier League aka CPL is also one of the widely known sports where you can enjoy betting. CPL involves three types of betting and that includes Pre-game CPL betting odds, Live/In-play CPL odds and Outright betting odds. Out of which Pre-game CPL betting odds involves betting before the toes of the game. This betting is done considering the previous performance of the teams. 

The nest type is Live/In-play CPL odds which can be played live during the match. As the match unfolds the betting also becomes exciting and this makes Live/In-play CPL odds one of the best bets in the CPL game. 

And finally, the Outright betting odds come into the picture. This one is one of the most prominent bettings of the game. Here you bet on the team who you think will win the series. This category also implicates betting on the best bowler and best batsman. 

For downloading the betting application you just have to visit the website of 10CRIC, download the app, sign-up and you can relish the passion of betting along with CPL. 

Twenty20 World Cup:

If you want to dive into the ocean of excitement then all you have to do is download our mobile application for sports betting. The Twenty-20 World Cup is among the most exciting cricket events which occur once every two years. Though the event doesn’t happen every year, the excitement that it carries increases every year. You can bet on the teams and the players, you can also bet on the series and have the best betting experience. The sports event also provides you with an opportunity to bet before, after and during the game. 


Kabaddi may sound like a not-so-interesting sport but when it comes to batting Kabaddi is surprisingly popular. Kabaddi has two teams involved in a single game and you can put your bets on the different players. You can also bet on how many players the player of the opposite team can catch and which team will win the match. You can also put your bet on the complete series. You just need to have a little information about the sport and you can easily enjoy the game along with betting. 

Test Series:

Although we believe in quick cash and fast results, test matches still hold a great position in betting. Usually, test matches run for 5 days in which two teams compete. During the match you can put your bed on the team you think will do good in the series. You can also put your bad on the man of the series of the best bowler and best batsman of the series. 


All the sports events listed above are highly celebrated in India and many other countries. By downloading these games you can enhance your betting experience and will also get the opportunity to earn good money. When it comes to gambling and betting games, 10CRIC is a licensed company and hence offers secure transition facilities. It provides the players with an opportunity to play hundreds of games online. Here players can get up to ₹10,000 cricket bonus for betting. Along with a huge opportunity of earning Jackpots and good money, players will also get easy withdrawal options. Players can wager on top bowlers, batsmen and who can win the match and get along with this exciting game. 

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