3 Foolproof Ways to Successfully Build a DIY Bedroom Storage

As a homeowner, there’s nothing better than renovating your bedroom to create more space than to do it yourself since you’re free to do things the way you want. The only problem with DIY is that it can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t prepare and plan for the project. As a result, there’s a chance that you’ll overlook a lot of essential details.

On the bright side, you can grab the opportunity to challenge yourself to create the ultimate bedroom cabinet or bed frame to match your bedroom’s theme. The essential part of DIY is that you have to prepare the required materials and plan how you will execute the design.

When it comes to planning, you should gather various designs to ensure that the bedroom storages you’ll be having in your room feels comfortable and looks stylish. Keep in mind that even minimalist designs have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the room. With that in mind, here are three foolproof ways to create DIY bedroom storage successfully.

Designing Your Ideal Bed

When it comes to designing your bed, the bed frame is a vital part of the process since the under-bed space and the headboard are your primary sources of storage. For that reason, measuring the size of your room and mattress you’ll have provides you with various options for the bed frame.

With the diy bedroom storage in mind, having a vast huge under-bed space allows you to fit drawers with wheels underneath for easy access. For the headboard you can design it in a way where you can easily access essential items. The key to a comfy headboard is that you can quickly grab hold of your things without them getting in the way.

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5-Drawer Dresser Bedroom

Standard horizontal dressers are the best type of drawer dressers that allow you to maximize your bedroom’s storage space. Apart from this, horizontal dressers are more comfortable with making since their squat profile provides you easy access for the drawers.

With that in mind, a 5-drawer dresser has sleek, wide storage that doesn’t require a fancy finish. You can even base your design from a popular 5-drawer dresser such as the Sorbus dresser.

Maximize the Purpose of a Closet Cabinet

The closet cabinet is the largest storage you can have in your room, and you’ll be surprised to know that you can store more items in a closet cabinet apart from clothes. When building a closet cabinet, you should consider having a shoe rack by the door that allows you to hang three to four shoes simultaneously.

Another section of the closet cabinet you should have is the adjustable shelves since you can easily adjust the height depending on the clothes you’ll be storing. The closet cabinet’s final feature that you should never overlook is the hanging rods since they’re best for preventing folds and creases in delicate clothes.

Takeaway for Bedroom

The key to maximizing bedroom storage is that they aren’t visible in your room to prevent the appearance of clutter. Moreover, the DIY process of making a bed, drawer dresser, and closet cabinet that maximizes the number of items you can store on them aren’t challenging. The key to DIY is that you plan your designs and prepare the proper materials to make them possible.

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