4 different aspects of successful marketing campaigns

How to improve online business in 2021? Today we will talk about the different aspects of successful marketing campaigns.

High-quality customer experience

Currently, customers have many opportunities to access information about any company and its products online. This creates a lot of competition, and in order to gain an advantage, you need to create an unrivaled customer experience. It is the customer-centric approach that helps to gain leadership positions.

A quality customer experience is impossible without the appropriate level of experience of employees and the brands themselves. A customer-focused, skilled workforce and a brand that is as responsive as possible to the audience help to ensure a unique customer experience. One of the features of B2B marketing in 2021 is that in order to form a stable competitive advantage, it is necessary to agree on the points of contact between people, all processes and programs used.

Account based marketing in 2021

The topic of “focus on key customers” in B2B has been actively discussed since the late 2000s. Account-based marketing ideas are quite easy to explain – if 80% of the annual turnover is brought by the same customer groups, then growth strategies should be aimed at better managing these customers.

For B2B companies with a fairly high check and long transaction cycles with multiple decision makers, ABM strategies are more effective in attracting new customers than betting on lead generation.

Targeted persona-based marketing

Person-based marketing strategies, which are focused on individual work with decision makers, help to ensure the proper level of personalization. Real-time behavioral data collection and hyper-targeting are becoming the mainstay of personal marketing. For instance, with Twitch and TikTok, you could easily do persona-based campaigns. Start with the Twitch streams in your space. Buy Twitch views so that you get more attention from the user-base of the platform. In that way, you can reach a very interest-based user system.

Customer needs are changing in parallel with the development of technology. Today’s consumers expect B2B businesses to be personalized like Google, Netflix, and Amazon. Customers want personalized service and tailored to their needs.

The introduction of ultra-precise targeting technologies allows you to show the desired content to specific people and collect personal reports on their reactions. As a result, it is possible not only to identify the client, but also to better understand his needs, values, and triggers of choice. This helps you get the right messages at the right time and on the right channels.

Optimize company’s website (responsive design)

By improving your approach to interacting with customers, you shouldn’t diminish the role of one of your most valuable marketing assets – your company’s website. It is a B2B website that can become a platform for business development, demonstrating expert leadership and providing a quality user experience. Therefore, given the trends in B2B marketing in 2021, we can expect many B2B companies to re-evaluate the importance of websites and strive to improve them.

The main points in improving sites are likely to be as follows: redesign and update sites based on user experience, generate leads, troubleshoot technical issues, search engine optimization, mobile adaptation, improve security, compliance with privacy laws.


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