5 Tips for Improving Remote Work efficiency

Launching a startup is an important decision that’ll affect the next few years of your life, and maybe more. It all depends on how well you implement your ideas and whether you achieve the desired result. Statistics show that most projects are closed within the first year after launch. There are various reasons for this. The main ones are:

  • Lack of sufficient funding and resources
  • Wrong organization of work processes
  • Mistakes at the planning stage of the business model

Even though the lack of resources remains one of the main reasons for failures, today it is much easier to find funding than even 5-10 years ago. You can use the funds of investors, business angels, the help of crowdfunding platforms, etc.

But the problem with the organization of effective teamwork has not gone anywhere. Most startup organizers do not have enough experience to properly combine different specialists into a single team. But effective teamwork is the key to the successful development of any business. Of course, if you have experience in launching your own projects and have already achieved some success, then it’ll be much easier for you. After all, you already know the main pitfalls and difficulties that any leader faces.

If you launched your first startup, then you need to be able to find the right solutions to new challenges and not be afraid to take responsibility. How to effectively organize the work of employees in the early stages of building a business? The following tips will help you!

Get the most out of enterprise applications

The market offers a wide range of corporate messengers, task managers, and other tools for organizing and optimizing remote work. The most popular are Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, Jira, etc. These business tools have an excellent reputation and many positive reviews. They are suitable for businesses of any size, including young startups.

Try each one to find the one that suits you best. Another option is to start using Microsoft Teams, which is the choice of millions around the world. It is an excellent business tool with wide functionality for communication, work, and business development. In addition, the platform supports integration with third-party applications that significantly expand the standard features. For example, by installing a VoIP service such as Clerk and connecting a business phone, you’ll take the connection between you and your partners/potential customers to a new level. Use Microsoft Teams SMS to send text messages, make appointments, grow your marketing, and more. The enterprise platform does not limit you in any way. However, you’ll have to spend some time setting up all work processes and creating a working culture.

It is better to seek help from a specialist if you do not have enough experience in team building. In addition, attend relevant online courses and seminars. Do not forget about self-development. The more you know the nuances, the more effectively you’ll set up the work of the team.

Set tasks and deadlines correctly

Each person has their own skills and knowledge. Everyone has their own specific tasks and motivation. Consider all these facts when allocating tasks and deadlines. Do not assign impossible goals. It is better to assign work that the employee knows how to do with the best quality. The same goes for deadlines. You can not assign several difficult tasks at the same time and require them to be completed quickly. You won’t get the desired result. Moreover, the self-esteem and motivation of the employee will decrease, which negatively affects the efficiency and desire to invest all efforts in the development of the project.

Avoid excessive control

Excessive control creates additional stressful situations, interfering with work processes. In fact, control causes a feeling of fear and panic, especially in an inexperienced specialist. Therefore, it is not necessary to control every step of the team members. The best solution for modern business is trust in employees. Look at the result, not the process. People work more efficiently when the employer trusts them and does not follow every step.

Reward outstanding employees

A bonus is a great solution. It increases employee motivation. Moreover, other team members will also want to get extra money and will try to improve their performance. Unfortunately, in the first stages of startup development, it is not so easy to find extra funds to reward the team. Therefore, you can reward a distinguished employee in another way. For example, give him an extra day off, make him stand out, etc. Show that you noticed the result of his work and really appreciate it.

Create a friendly atmosphere within the team

A friendly warm atmosphere relaxes and relieves unnecessary stress during work, which has a positive effect on the efficiency and performance of employees. Consider this important point, which is forgotten by many modern leaders. Informal communication allows you to get to know each other better, broaden your horizons, and have a good time.

Create separate chat rooms for communication on topics not related to work. Announce extra breaks where you can videoconference and have coffee together.

Don’t be afraid to mention things that are not directly related to the job. It relaxes and makes it possible to combine work and informal communication. The task of the manager is to support his employees, and create the right atmosphere, even online.

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