8 Best Funny Apps you MUST have on your phone!

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Especially now that we are in a global pandemic, we should be looking for ways to stay happy and be not gloomy! You will have more time with your phone because you cannot go outside, unlike before. Now is not the time to have the same old boring apps! Download these apps and discover a whole new world! Social media provides us the funniest and most random moments around the world. You could just find the random profiles you think are funny and follow them on different platforms. However, if you don’t want to limit yourself and explore more funny content, these are the best funny apps that will make you laugh out loud!

1. 9gag

9Gag is a classic one; they have already established their brand of producing the hilarious content online. The app is always up to date! They frequently add new stuff to keep you scrolling and laughing! They are the home of the memes! If you still don’t know about them, check them out! It’s free to download!

2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is one of the more popular sites. They offer a variety of content that will surely make you laugh! From breaking news, funny quizzes, random videos, celebrity news, food recipes and videos, DIY craft, and other viral stuff online! BuzzFeed has it all! They also have an app! They could quickly deliver funny things from all over the Internet into your gadget. Like 9GAG, the BuzzFeed app is also free, and they both let you share the most exciting content with your friends!

3. Prank Call App

Speaking of having a good time with friends, especially if it is April Fools’ Day, you should prank your friends! Thankfully, we’re not making prank calls on the telephone anymore! Now, we could use apps that could elevate our classic prank. To plan this prank, you could use free prank calls for April and use different scenarios when prank-calling your friends. This app will do the job for you. It provides original and classic designs that could fire up your pranking skills!

4. Facebook

It is time for you to rediscover Facebook. There are thousands of funny pages and accounts that you could enjoy if you know where to find them! Facebook will cater to your preferences and provide more content that you like. You could also easily share them in your profile or send them to your friends. You could find funny memes, videos, and even educational content!

5. Memedroid

Suppose you want to create memes and express your funny bone, download Memedroid. It is a meme generator app that is constantly updated with the newest memes on the internet. You could also become a viral meme creator! You will always be in the trend, and you will know what is becoming viral. Download the app to have a platform where you could use your creative juice and impress your friends with your skills!

6. TikTok

Most of the videos that go viral lately come from TikTok. It is a video platform where you could upload whatever you want! TikTok will give you the platform to be whoever you want to be and discover various personalities. People from all over the world use the app to consume and create content. There are varieties of content, and most of them are HILARIOUS. It also has a For You Page feature where the algorithm curates TikTok videos according to your taste and interest.

7. Reddit & Imgur

Reddit and Imgur go hand in hand in terms of providing hilarious content. Reddit is where the text content will be, and Imgur is where you could view the image of GIF. Reddit also offers various ranges, having different subreddits that could cater to your interests. There are subreddits for Dad Jokes, one-liner jokes, memes, and other hilarious stuff! Another great thing about Reddit is you could just remain anonymous and still make friends! Imgur and Reddit are both free! But you could also avail of the optional subscription to remove advertising and get a few other features that will significantly improve your experience with the app.

8. YouTube

Youtube also has an app! It just makes discovering funny videos and fun channels easier! You could also watch a compilation of the best moments of your TV show or independent productions that produce funny content. Youtube also allows you to utilize their platform and become the next viral YOUTUBER! Watch people you love and laugh! You could also download some of the videos offline, but if you are subscribed to Youtube Premium, you could save everything offline!

There you have it, that’s our list of 8 BEST funny apps that you should have on your phone! Give them a try; all of them are FREE to download. ENJOY!

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