Top 5 Best Astrology & Horoscope Websites/Apps

With time, humans have evolved a lot and invented lots of instruments for the betterment of life. Many areas of life have adopted technology. The same rule follows with the astrology as well. Now, there are some websites are available on the internet that let you know daily and monthly horoscope.

Moreover, you can also know about predictions, life solutions, astrological reports. Therefore, below we have listed top 5 best Astrology & Horoscope Websites/Apps.

Top 5 Best Astrology & Horoscope Websites/Apps

1. Astroswamig

Astroswamig on the top of our list. They are known to be the perfect mixture of scientific and spiritual. They offer life changing sections like Predictions, Life Solutions, Remedies. The solutions you will find on Astroswamig are strictly based on the principles and norms of Vedic Astrology. You can visit Astroswamig talk to astrologer page to start call with astrologers.

Astroswamig has a team of the best astrologers in India, having years of knowledge in reading and studying horoscopes, for years we have been helping thousands of individuals across India and around the world.

2. Ganeshaspeaks is a widely known online website around the world that let you get Predictions, horoscope 24×7. They have sections like Talk, Horoscope, My Life, Remedies, Predictions etc. There are mostly chances that you must have received mail from ganeshaspeaks in your inbox. They offer more than 90 astrologers on the board.

The interface of their website is clean and user-friendly. If you want to avail some extra benefits and services then you can register yourself and get some tips.


Next, we have They are the best when it comes to free horoscope and astrology tips. They even offer their online Astro Store. From store, you can buy authentic rudraksha, gemstones etc. On their website, you will find sections like Marriage and Love, Career and Finance, Progeny and Kids, Special Astro, Remedies and Numerology.

Apart from that they also offer astrology reports and free horoscope. You can also get foreign travel astrology, moon sign astrology, monthly horoscope and more.

4. HinduAstrology

They are another best online astrology and horoscope website on the internet that offer monthly predictions along with monthly calculations. They have a special section called predictions that contains Dasa, Dwadash Bhava and Transit Phal. Moreover, they also offer marriage bureau facility as well.

The horoscope predictions you will get on Hindu Astrology are based on exhaustive calculations such as Shodasvarga Astavarga. They offer different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details.

5. AskGanesha

They offer a vast category of services including astrological predictions for health, finance, love and career, foreign travel astrology, Property and car buy & sell astrology, child astrology, remedies etc. The user-interface of the website is quite clean and straightforward. Moreover, they also offer personalized reports.

If you are in search of experts while conducting a specialized Pooja at home then you can find the best on Yantras, Ganesha names are some free products you can avail on this website.

Final Words

Here, above we have discussed the best top 5 free Astrology & Horoscope Websites/Apps. Let us know which online website or app is your favorite for horoscope and Astrology. Comment below if you have any questions in your mind. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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