Best Tools for webmasters: Plagiarism Detector, Ahref, semrush

The profession of a webmaster is not easy by any means. You need to combat several challenges on a day to day basis and ensure that your website stands out in every aspect. The reputation of a website is the responsibility of a webmaster. If your website does not deliver the needed progress, you would be held responsible for it.

As a professional webmaster, things would become simple and easy for you by using quality tools. Given below are some key tools which would provide quality assistance in different website improvement areas.

Best Tools for webmasters_ Plagiarism Detector, Ahref, semrush

Best Tools for webmasters: Plagiarism Detector, Ahref, semrush

1. Plagiarism Checker by 

What kinds of adverse effects are witnessed if a website has copied content? To start with, you should be prepared for various adverse effects. One of them is that you would lose traffic even before you start building it. Customers are very particular about the content provided on a website whether it is text-based or visual. It is important to develop a trustworthy bond with the customer and this is only possible if you publish original content on the website. The moment a customer sees that your website has copied content; the reputation of your website would start falling.

  • Plagiarism detector helps you in determining whether the written content is completely original or not. Content originality carries immense importance and copying content written by someone else is an unacceptable act. People who draft quality content from start invest a lot of hard work. Thus, you cannot copy content from an online source. If you are extracting information from a source, it has to be rephrased properly from the start. This is because due credit has to be given to the author who put in immense hard work to create the content. Even after you have rephrased the content, a plagiarism detector helps you in checking whether the content is completely original or not.
  • The procedure to use a plagiarism detector is very simple. First of all, select the content that has to be checked for plagiarism. Paste the content in the provided text box and then scan it using the detector. The application would go through the content and identify the sections which have been copied. If you are not using one of these tools then you would have to check the content manually. First of all, this process is cumbersome and secondly, it is not 100% efficient.

2. Ahref

Running a website successfully is not about creating a stunning appearance only. You may have a fantastic theme and appearance but you need to do a lot more if you want your website to be successful. Keeping a check on how the competitors are performing is the key.

The Ahref tool helps you in keeping a complete check on how the competitors are performing. If any of your competitors are performing better than you, the reason may be the usage of correct updated keywords.

  • Ahref tool gives you a list of keywords which your competitor brands are using. Choosing the correct keywords is very important. If you are using the correct keywords, getting a good traffic count would not be a problem by any means. Using the correct keywords means keeping a check on the user search preferences. If a competitor website is using a keyword with high demand and you are not, the rank of that website would be higher. Through Ahref, you can check the keywords not present in your website content.
  • Through AHREF, you can know about the backlinks your rivals have. Backlinks are extremely important and play a key role in the healthy growth of the website. If you do not have quality backlinks, it simply means that you are connected to authoritative domains. This has an impact on your reputation and reliability. Your competitors may be going ahead of you due to quality backlinks. Which backlinks do they have and you do not? Using Ahref tool would provide you with the correct answer to this question.

3. Semrush

Semrush is a good tool for web masters who want to keep a check on how competitors are performing.  Running a website successfully and earning profits from it is not that simple. Keeping a check on competitors is essential to accomplish this task. Semrush is a strong option for an end to end competitor analysis.

  • With Semrush, you can keep a check on the social media strategy of your competitors. Social media has turned into a very strong component in the recent times. The most successful brands depend totally on social media to market / promote their products. If a brand is not active on social media, it is as bad as not existing altogether. By using Semrush, you can get a detailed insight of the social media techniques being used by your rivals. This would give you an idea of what you are missing. The correct social media strategy can obviously change the fortune of a brand within no time. Through Semrush, you can determine all the details of the implemented social media strategy.


It is important for web masters to use the correct tools so that their website reaches a strong position. Detecting plagiarism in the content and removing it are an important task. If you do not want the reputation of your website to go down forever, make sure that the content of the website is 100% original. If the content is copied, the reputation of the website would go down for ever and visitors would not depend on it.

Winning the competition is the key if you want to be successful in the digital age. For this purpose, you have to keep a check on competitors. If your rivals are using keywords which you have forgotten to use, you can figure this out through AHREF and Semrush. Both these tools help webmasters in an end to end analysis of competitors.

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