Choosing what is better, to connect a virtual SIM card or a physical SIM card

Technology does not stand still, and every day adds new features to our lives to simplify daily tasks. One of these technologies is eSim. eSim appeared quite a long time ago and this type of SIM card is replacing physical plastic SIM cards. To begin with, let’s understand what eSim is. 

An eSim or Embedded SIM is a fully digital SIM card embedded in a smartphone. With eSim, you can use your cell phone carrier’s data plan without having to have a physical SIM card. An eSIM is a small module with a chip about 5×6 mm in size, installed in your phone or tablet. eSIM is also known as a digital SIM card, electronic SIM card or virtual SIM card. For an eSIM to work, you need to make sure that your device supports the technology and your gadget is equipped with the module. To make full use of ESIM Plus, it is also necessary that your mobile operator supports the service if you want to install a virtual SIM card from your operator. 

In order to understand why you should choose eSIM instead of the usual physical SIM card, you should find out all the advantages of a virtual SIM card: 

  • eSim is issued on a remote basis independently through the operator’s application, so you do not need to go to the office or store, to look for a device to open a slot for a sim card.
  • eSIM cannot be broken, lost or damaged, because the virtual sim card is embedded in your smartphone, and you can not get it out. 
  • It is possible to use both cards at the same time, one is a regular physical card and the other is an eSIM, but this feature is available if your smartphone has slots for both types of sim cards. 
  • There is no cost to the mobile operator to manufacture, sell and dispose of physical SIM cards. Therefore, virtual cards will cost you less. They also protect the environment, because recycling a physical SIM card requires a lot of cost, complexity, and investment. 
  • A virtual SIM card allows you to repeatedly change the data responsible for the tariff and features included in your SIM card. For example, you can have one number for making calls, a second number for using the internet, and a third number for sending SMS. 
  • When you change your tariff plan or mobile operator, you just need to activate the new settings in the application menu. All management is done without contacting the current operator, the process is maximally simplified to a few clicks. 
  • Up to five different numbers and operators can be activated as eSIM, which is a convenient feature, especially when traveling abroad. You need to buy and activate the corresponding offer remotely, avoiding roaming charges.
  • In case of loss or theft of the device with an active virtual card, you can easily block the number through the operator.
  • If your phone falls into the hands of intruders, they will not be able to extract your SIM card and duplicate it. 
  • Virtual SIM card can be connected to all devices. 

Speaking about the advantages of a virtual SIM card, it is also necessary to mention its disadvantages: 

  • The main disadvantage of a virtual SIM card is that it is not supported in all countries yet, so when applying for it, pay attention to whether this option is available in your country. 
  • You may have problems when transferring eSIM data from one phone to another, so sometimes it is easier to block the old virtual card and activate the new card.
  • There may be a issue with data privacy, hacking the cloud server to which the digital card is linked. 
  • QR code to install the virtual sim card is convenient, but nowadays, there is often a limit of 100 code readings;
  • The virtual sim card is not currently supported on all devices, so find out in advance if your smartphone has the chip. 
  • This technology is not yet widespread enough, so it is too early to talk about large-scale use of eSIM. Many mobile operators are slowly getting involved in the process of implementing virtual SIM cards.

The main advantages of eSIM over physical SIM cards are related to new technologies and ease of use. The card does not need to be changed at the operator, the number is simply reprogrammed directly in the smartphone. Also, eSIM is better than a physical SIM card, as it frees up space in the smartphone to accommodate new modules, which contributes to the development of technology.

There is also an important nuance in installing virtual sim cards on Apple smartphones. It consists in the fact that the company, focusing on the needs of consumers, produces in one line of different modifications, depending on national characteristics. Therefore, since smartphones with dual eSIM in the phone are popular in the US, buying the device there, you will not be able to install a physical SIM card on the phone. For the Hong Kong and Chinese market, phones with two physical SIM cards are produced. In these regions the virtual SIM card has not yet entered into everyday use In the European market, the standard scheme is more in demand: one slot for a physical SIM card, and the second for a virtual one. 

To summarize, the virtual SIM card is a new technology that has not yet spread to all countries of the world. The eSIM has many advantages, the main ones being the quickness of issuing the card and the ease of changing tariffs, operators, and features. It is also simple and cheap to pay and easy to manage your tariffs. Also, virtual SIM card will help you to save money when traveling without spending on roaming and will help you to get a number of another country. Despite the many pluses of a virtual card, in some points it is still inferior to a physical carrier. For example, eSIM is not yet available in all countries, there may be privacy problems, and it is very difficult to transfer data from one card to another, unlike a physical carrier. In any case, the choice is up to you, and you should make it based on your needs and plans for using a virtual SIM card.

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