Creating multiple accounts on social media with virtual phone numbers

Every internet user at least once thought about creating additional accounts on some social media sites for one or another purpose. But most often this did not end with the desired result. The reason is that a lot of online applications, especially the most popular and demanded, require their users to verify their mobile phone numbers by receiving a text message and entering a verification code from it. Buying a new SIM card for each registration is definitely not a rational solution in terms of economic and time costs. Luckily, there are virtual phone numbers that help to solve this issue at an affordable price and without giving too much effort.

Reasons to create multiple accounts on social media sites

Creating multiple accounts on social media sites is a great decision in a lot of situations. Even though everyone do this for his own reason, it is possible to determine the most popular cases when people find this option useful. With that being said, most often multiple accounts are created on social networks in order to:

  • Separate work and personal life. Using personal accounts for contacting customers and business partners is a common thing. But it rarely results in something good as time goes by and all the chats get mixed up leading to confusion. Virtual phone numbers bring an opportunity to create separate accounts and make everyday life much more comfortable.
  • Promote business with greater efficiency. There is nothing wrong with online businesses having multiple accounts on social media sites. A lot of them operate additional profiles to attract more attention from potential customers and gain exposure by using different promotion methods such as bulk mailings and others.
  • Run different projects. Trying to implement different ideas with the same account is definitely not the best decision. Different projects attract different audiences. Because of this many people create several accounts on social networks to develop each of them in accordance with a certain concept since this approach gives way better results.

For sure reasons to register additional accounts on social media sites do not end there. There are many more. But anyway the use of such an opportunity has only advantages and brings more comfort to everyday life. Especially, since there are virtual phone numbers that everyone can use to create profiles in a few minutes without quantitative or any other limitations.

Signing up without limitations

One of the most popular questions among those who have never used virtual phone numbers is how many accounts one person can create with their help. We can assure that it is unlimited. You can obtain and activate as many virtual phone numbers as it is required to fulfill the set goals or possibly based on financial capabilities and create the appropriate amount of profiles on any social media sites or apps that require its users to pass phone number verification.

With that being said, there is no issue with using VoIP phone numbers to create, for example, 1000 accounts on Facebook. This also applies to other similar websites. In addition, virtual phone numbers are available for use in any country worldwide. There are no requirements for the location of users even if it is about using phone numbers that are issued not from their countries. It is enough to have a device with an internet connection to take an advantage of this service.

Start getting virtual phone number within a few clicks

With the tools from SMS activation platform SMS-Man signing up for multiple profiles on social media sites is a very simple task to perform. This application offers virtual phone numbers in a few hundred countries from all over the world to bypass verification on all online projects that are popular at this moment. You can use it to create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar websites.

In addition, this platform gives an opportunity not only to receive a virtual phone number for one-time use but also to rent a phone number for a fixed period of time. This option is way more effective when it comes to registering profiles on several sites at the same time. With its help, you can save some money and time. Not saying that it is simply a much more comfortable solution since all created accounts will be linked to one phone number with an opportunity to access them even after logging out or deleting the apps anytime during the rental period.

Summing up the above, the service from SMS-Man makes it possible to solve any task regarding doing multiple registrations on various websites with an eye on the goals and financial capabilities of each user. You can start getting virtual phone numbers and using social media sites with more comfort and efficiency right today.

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