3 Ways Custom Packaging Can Help Your Small Frozen Food Business

Consumers of frozen food are looking for several things when it comes to the products they buy.  Convenience is desirable, the ability to prepare their food in just a few simple steps. They also value good taste and freshness as well as food safety. Since pleasing clients is integral to your success, choosing the ideal frozen food packaging for small business entrepreneurs such as yourself is important. Flexible packaging and digital printing options help your company in multiple areas:

  1. Cut down on packaging costs
  2. Heighten the profile of your brand
  3. Increase product sales

With digital printing, you can order packaging that fits your sales estimates. Low minimal orders and print-on-demand features reduce costs by taking advantage of no plate or set up fees. Once your company no longer needs to commit to large orders, you benefit from the elimination of expenses related to excess inventory and product obsolescence. The best manufacturing process for your packaging builds in flexibility, speed and sustainability, all at a reduced overall cost to your small business. Visit here

Increase Brand Recognition

Smart packaging is an opportunity to build your brand. New technology enables you to do this on many fronts, from creating packaging that is appealing to engaging the customer in savvy ways. Digital printing gives your company more options for customizing and personalizing containers, including the use of QR codes to offer promotional discounts and brand loyalty rewards.  The effective use of customized packaging snack pouches and roll stock includes the use of such features as resealable zippers for enhanced food freshness and photo quality images and text.

The enhanced versatility of digital printing also could provide a boost to your brand identity. Packaging that is varied and playful is an affordable possibility with low orders and fast market times. The artwork process allows your team to submit artwork online, make adjustments and receive packaging orders in as little as five days for roll stock and 15 days for pouches. With digitally enhanced packaging, you can process variable data such as multiple SKUs and include high-quality graphics that will only polish the image of your brand.

Boost Sales

In the end, it is all about attracting new customers and keeping the clients you already have. There are several means to this end, and quality, affordable and sustainable packaging plays a role. With so many consumers looking for responsible ways to shop, the use of recyclable liquid pouches places your company in a favorable position with these discerning customers. By choosing flexible custom shipping boxes, you reduce the energy you use throughout the life cycle of your product.

Many food shoppers look to reduce their impact on the planet by cutting down on packaging waste. Quality packaging and the ability to recycle are now more and more compatible. That is because the newest line of packaging eliminates hard to recycle materials such as foil and PET. Innovations in printing processes and chemical use now include gentler water-based inks and solventless laminations, without reducing print quality.

Custom packaging offers many advantages for your business. Now is an excellent time to discover the benefits of flexible packaging and digital printing.

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