December Trading Post in World of Warcraft Uncovers Holiday-Themed Rewards

Key Points:

  • In December, World of Warcraft players have the opportunity to earn seasonal items through the Trading Post by gathering travel points.
  • The Trading Post’s rewards are refreshed monthly, featuring a diverse selection including pets, weapon skins, and items inspired by the holiday season.
  • Notable rewards for December include a complimentary baby moose pet, an exclusive fox mount, a festive reindeer pet, and a variety of other items, all available in exchange for Trader’s Tenders.

The year’s last update to the World of Warcraft Trading Post is here, and it’s brimming with festive cheer. In December, players can gather an array of seasonal cosmetic items. Those who accumulate enough travel points will have the opportunity to acquire a new pet for their journeys and spend Trader’s Tenders on exclusive seasonal weapon skins.

Introduced in early 2023, the Trading Post has quickly become a hit feature in World of Warcraft, offering a monthly cycle of unique rewards and quests. Although some items have reappeared, many are still awaiting a second release. The Trading Post has been cleverly integrating WoW’s in-game celebrations to offer themed challenges, like the October’s Hallows’ End event that brought Halloween-themed items and tasks. Continuing this festive approach, Blizzard has rolled out holiday-themed offerings for the December Trading Post.

From December 1 to 31, players who gather 1,000 Travel Points can claim Buttercup, a charming violet baby moose pet, at no cost. Following the pattern set in previous months, such as November’s Trading Post, WoW subscribers will automatically receive 500 Trader’s Tenders as the new month rolls in and they can also use their accumulated WoW gold to purchase additional Tenders. For those who’ve saved up their Tenders, the Trading Post is introducing a Crimson Glimmerfur fox mount and a tiny reindeer companion, Mitzy, priced at 600 Tenders each. The premium offering for December is Garrlok, a pet ogre, available for 750 Trader’s Tenders. The December Travel Log will also feature activities themed around the Feast of Winter Veil, set to begin on December 16.

December 2023 World of Warcraft Trading Post: A Trove of Festive Rewards

World of Warcraft’s Trading Post for December 2023 is decked out with a variety of holiday-themed items, offering players an assortment of unique rewards to enhance their in-game experience. Here’s a rundown of the notable rewards available this month:

  • Buttercup: A delightful violet baby moose pet.
  • Crimson Glimmerfur: A majestic fox mount to traverse Azeroth.
  • Mitzy: A charming mini reindeer companion.
  • Garrlok: A pet ogre, adding a touch of might to your collection.
  • Class-Specific Armor and Weapon Sets: Specially designed for Mage, Hunter, Shaman, and Evoker classes, priced between 450 to 500 Tenders.
  • Ensembles: Including Scarlet Zealot’s Trappings, Vagabond’s Snowy and Crimson Threads, and Wanderer’s Snowy and Crimson Trappings.
  • Classic Snowy Tabard: A festive wardrobe addition.
  • Trader’s Crimson and Lively Sarongs: Stylish lower wear options.
  • Fine Wine and Ember Court Soiree Gloves: Elegant glove choices for formal occasions.
  • Crimson Treads of the Kalu’ak: A pair of unique footwear.
  • Candied Blade: A standout one-handed sword, costing 600 Trader’s Tenders.

These armor ensembles and weapons, along with the crimson-colored gloves and cloaks, are among the more affordable items, available for about 100 Trader’s Tenders each. In addition to these items, players can also leverage the War Within expansion pre-purchase to acquire extra Trader’s Tenders. However, the link between the Trading Post and the in-game Cash Shop continues to spark debate among the player community.

As 2023 comes to a close, the Trading Post restock, coupled with the ongoing Prime Gaming campaign, promises a festive and engaging end of the year for World of Warcraft’s cosmetic enthusiasts. With 2024 just around the corner, anticipation is building for what Blizzard might unveil in the coming year.

A Festive Farewell to 2023 in World of Warcraft

As we bid farewell to 2023, World of Warcraft’s December Trading Post brings a festive conclusion to the year. With a treasure trove of holiday-themed rewards, from the charming Buttercup to the majestic Crimson Glimmerfur, there’s something special for every player. Whether you’re a collector of unique pets, a connoisseur of exquisite armor sets, or a seeker of powerful weaponry, this month’s Trading Post has you covered.

  1. Explore the Trading Post: Venture into the Trading Post and explore the array of seasonal rewards available. Don’t miss out on the exclusive items like the Candied Blade or the classic Snowy Tabard.
  2. Earn and Spend Tenders Wisely: Accumulate Trader’s Tenders through gameplay and carefully choose the items that best suit your style and in-game needs.
  3. Engage in the Community: Join discussions about the Trading Post offerings and share your thoughts on the in-game Cash Shop dynamics. Your voice matters in shaping the future of World of Warcraft.
  4. Prepare for 2024: As we look forward to the new year, stay tuned for upcoming updates and expansions. Keep an eye out for what Blizzard has in store, and be ready to dive into new adventures and challenges.

Remember, the World of Warcraft universe is ever-evolving, and your journey is limited only by your imagination. Embrace the festive spirit, enhance your in-game experience with these unique rewards, and step into 2024 ready for whatever adventures await in Azeroth!

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