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How To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

Do you also get a lot of messages or want to Delete All Facebook Messages at once? Yes then here I am with a mind-blowing way 😀 But this is very hard to delete messages one by one. So here I can help you because in this post I have an amazing way To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once. We know Facebook is a great and popular Social Media site and a billion users daily uses Facebook.

So everyone shows their feelings with Messages and Status. Facebook is the best way to spend our free time because we can chat with our friends for free.

We also read our news feed and got some interesting stories from other peoples. This is the reason why people love this social media site. But some users are also on Facebook, who only uses the FB to chat with their old friends or relatives in other areas. Facebook has a lot of features like sharing videos, photos, playing games and Facebook also launches new features day by day.

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But who uses Facebook for chat will also have a lot of messages in his account. So here I will show how you can delete these unwanted messages from Facebook easily.

How To Delete All Facebook Messages

Today we are sharing a trick about deleting all Facebook message by single click. As we all know that on Facebook we also do private chat and it is a very sensitive area. We too share many of our daily routines works, habits and even we also share out our private or personal images, passwords or many other things which we don’t want to share publicly.

Lovers enjoy to chat on Facebook but sometimes they don’t have time to delete all messages one by one. And removing all conversion takes huge time. If we have too many friends then it is common to get a lot of messages. So don’t worry here I am going to tell you about the way to remove or facebook fast delete messages tricks.

Steps Before Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

Guys think before deleting you all messages because sometimes we have some important documents or messages in our account and I know you don’t want to lose them. You may also have some client’s details, important pictures or documents or other important stuff. So this will be great if you have created a backup of your all data from Facebook first. So first take the backup of your account and then move to delete step. Now I am Sharing how to delete all messages on facebook tricks Below.

How To Take Backup Of Facebook Account

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go To Settings -> General.
  3. At the bottom, you will find Download a Copy option.
  4. Click on it and it will make the file of your all Messages, Photos, and Videos, etc.
  5. And send this file to your email which is attached with your Facebook account.

Now You Have Successfully Create Backup Of Your Account. So You Can Move To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once Step.

How To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

  • First of all, go to this app link and install this extension. Facebook-Delete All Messages
  • Now open the account from which you want to Delete All Facebook Messages At Once.
  • Now go to your inbox folder and in the address bar, you can see an icon as shown in below click on it.
  • Click on Launch button and then click OK.
  • Now it will start the deleting messages from your Facebook account.
  • Click on Load Older Threads button from the left sidebar.
  • It will only take between 15-30 seconds to complete the task. But if you have a large number of messages then you have to wait for more.

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My dear readers this is the only simple and easy way to delete all facebook messages at once. Because you only have to click three to five times. Then this will automatically remove your all messages. Please don’t forget to take a full backup of your account because this is so important.

I hope you will enjoy this article on Delete All Facebook Messages At Once. Let me know if you face any problem using these tricks in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting techwiki… 🙂

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