External iPhone Protection: Cases & Screen Protectors

Protecting the iPhone is the first step after purchasing it. When buying a new gadget, it is very important to fully protect it in order to maintain its appearance and extend the life of the device. Today, anyone can purchase cases and screen protectors online from the best manufacturers. For example, to buy a reliable wooden case, you just need to follow the link  and choose the accessory that you like the most. A high-quality case will effectively protect the iPhone from mechanical damage, which will certainly bring a number of benefits to the owner of the phone. Read on for more information on how to choose the right External iPhone Protection, case & screen protector. If you will need more information, read the other articles on Techwiki.

How to Choose an iPhone Case?

When choosing a case for an iPhone, it is first of all important to pay attention to the material of manufacture. The model should fulfill not only the functions of protection but also suit your style and meet your preferences. Below are the types of cases by shape and material of manufacture.

Cases Forms

The shape of a case must be chosen taking into account your lifestyle and own preferences. Today everyone can choose a model of any of the following shapes:

  • Case-bumper. Preserves the sides of the device, preventing them from being damaged;
  • Case-pocket. Full protection of the iPhone is provided, but some inconvenience is created during use;
  • Case-overlay. The screen of the device remains open, but at the same time, special protection is created for the sides and back;
  • Case-book. This model provides complete protection of the device and is quite convenient to use;
  • Case-flip. Such an accessory protects the phone from all sides, but unlike a case-book, it opens from the bottom up;
  • Case-wallet. This accessory is used to store documents, bank cards, etc., as it has a magnetic mount on the back cover;
  • Case-battery. It looks like a case-overlay, but in addition, it also has a built-in battery.

Materials for the Manufacture of iPhone Cases

Since the smartphone is intended for daily use, the choice of material receives special attention. Good material will provide durability and effective protection, and also be tactile and comfortable. Most often, cases are made from:

  • Plastic. The main advantages of an accessory made of plastic are flexibility, lightweight, and a large number of design solutions;
  • Metal. Such a case usually has increased strength and service life, but is not the easiest option;
  • Silicone. The silicone accessory is thin and flexible, demonstrates better shock absorption in case of mechanical damage;
  • Leather. The leather case is a very soft and pleasant tactile accessory with a stylish look;
  • Wood. Only the best and natural components are used in the production of wooden cases, which ensures the absolute safety of the finished products for children and adults. Wooden cases hold their shape perfectly and retain their original appearance for several years of active use. Thanks to the thought-over design, such accessories perfectly protect the smartphone from damages and other negative influences.

iPhone Screen Protectors

You need to take care of the safety of the display because this is the main and most expensive external component of the phone. Thus, use a film or tempered glass. With its help, you can effectively protect the screen from cracks, scratches, incorrect operation, and other problems. 

Phone Protective Film

The protective film can be used along with a case or installed separately. But first of all, you need to decide on its type:

  • Glossy. This is the most common type. It is practically invisible, affordable, does not distort the image, and does not degrade the tactility of the screen. The service life of an accessory depends entirely on the manufacturer;
  • Matt. This protection has its advantages – there is no sun glare and fingerprints are practically invisible. However, the accessory is quite noticeable, the screen becomes darker and rougher;
  • Mirror. This accessory is most often chosen by women, as it can be used as a mirror. At the same time, there are drawbacks – there is some distortion of the picture quality and color rendition.

These are just some of the most common types of phone protective film. In fact, there are a number of other types. You can choose any suitable one.

Tempered Glass for iPhone

Tempered glass is a more reliable accessory than film. Of the advantages of using it, the following can be distinguished:

  • Full preservation of image quality and color rendition;
  • It is more firmly attached than the film;
  • Does not reduce display sensitivity;
  • No air bubbles appear after gluing;
  • Provides maximum protection for the screen from shocks and drops.

Among the disadvantages of tempered glass, only the cost can be distinguished.

Therefore, you can protect your iPhone by any means: using a reliable case, protective film, or tempered glass. Each accessory has its own pros and cons. It is recommended to choose based on your own preferences.

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