How to get thousands of free twitter followers legally

Hello friends, I am sharing a genuine way to get thousands of free twitter followers. This is not a hack or illegal method. As we all know Twitter is the most popular social media sites. Bloggers and Marketers gain a ton of free traffic from this social media. But gaining followers on twitter I not an easy way. You have to spend a lot of time to gain followers. Some people plan to buy or use bots these are not legal way.

You might be a risk of getting a ban from Twitter permanently. Followers provided by these methods are totally fake. but here I am going to introduce a simple tip which will boost your followers on Twitter. Trust me you are gaining real followers using this tip.

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get free twitter followers

Get Thousands Of Free Twitter Followers

you have to do first, you have to follow others and then they will follow you back. Then you can unfollow them. All this process is very easy and it will take Maximum 10 minutes. I know you are thinking that following a lot of people is a boring task. But you can do these steps easily by using a Chrome extension.

Only In a single click You can follow and unfollow them easily. Let’s go to start the first step.

  • Install this Google chrome extension –> Click Here

This tool is only for Google Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome then please install Now and enjoy.

Now after the first steps make a list of some big Twitter accounts. I mean to say accounts which have a good number of followers and related to your Blog topic. And also target active profiles. This means an account that got a good number of likes and re-tweets. After targeting this step follow below instructions…

  1. Open first targeted twitter account from your list.
  2. Now Open followers tab.
  3. Scroll the page till the end and all followers load properly.
  4. Now start the extension and click on Click All Follow option.
  5. Automatically it will start following others.
  6. wait for a few hours and you will surely get follow back.
  7. Now you can unfollow them easily using this awesome extension.

Note: Don’t be greedy just follow 900-1000 accounts daily and again do this tomorrow. 

Hope you will like this article on get free twitter followers. Let me know how many followers you get by this method in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this knowledge with your friends and relatives.

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