How is AI Transforming the Sales and Marketing?

You are relaxing on your armchair and shuffling videos on Youtube or OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime video, etc. You aren’t sure what to watch from so many options available to you, and there comes the software to do it for you.

The platforms lists show you are most likely to watch on the basis of your watch history.

Have you ever thought about how it shows you a suggestion list with content that you are most interested in?

If you ever did, you would know that’s all done by artificial intelligence.

Whether you realize it or not, artificial intelligence is already present in the digital world you exist.

Incorporating artificial intelligence in sales and marketing functions is of massive help;

  • Machine learning (a subset of artificial intelligence) along with bid data provides algorithm-based predictions to find an email address.
  • It performs monotonous tasks and increases your productivity.
  • It helps you to reach your goal faster than ever.

Now let us look a lot more into each of these deeply.

Find an Email Address

An email database is highly important to carry out the sales processes. Unless you have this data, it’s not possible to perform email marketing.

Earlier, professionals had to spend a lot of time performing manual searches using some queries. It not only consumes time and effort but also lacks accuracy.

And now we have email lookup tools like to find an email address within a fraction second. uses machine learning and big data algorithm. When you enter your prospect’s first & last name, their company domain, the tool will get you their email address instantly. And the prediction made by this tool is found to be highly accurate. Here is email security platform.

The chrome extension of lets you find email addresses from LinkedIn on the go!

Well, thanks to artificial intelligence!

Increase Your Productivity

Besides selling products or services to the target audience, salespeople are involved in other activities such as updating the lead information in the database, email activity, generating reports, following up with another team, etc.

All these tasks consume the salespeople’s time and effort, leaving them only a little time left for the selling and customer follow-up activity.

By implementing AI, your sales team can get most of their monotonous tasks done quickly, saving a lot of time for you to focus on your most important task – selling!

Reach Goals Faster

When you implement artificial intelligence, it will speed up the sales cycle. It helps keep the salespeople on their toes by alerting them when a lead is left unattended for too long. It also enables you to keep track of the lead status and let you know the following best action you could take.

Besides this, it deciphers the previous sales data to determine the best journey to take a client.

Final Thoughts

Having AI in your sales and marketing process helps you automize customer delight, keep you informed about the entire customer journey.

I hope you find this insightful.

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