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How To Download GTA Vice City APK

In this article, we have shared the downloading link and installing tutorial of one of the most popular Game. And the Game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Therefore if you were searching for the best method and tutorial to download and install GTA Vice City Apk in your Android, then you are on the right page. Because here you will get every single information about the GTA Vice City Apk for Android. Also, you will learn about the gameplay and features of the game. So go through the article and follow the steps mentioned below to get the GTA Vice City game in your device.

GTA Vice City Apk

GTA or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an Open environment Action Adventure game. It is published by Rockstar Games. It is a game which played with the third person perspective. And you can navigate the game area either with vehicle or with the foot.

vice city apk download

The plot of the game is basically based on multiple real world people and incidents. You can play the GTA Vice City game in the Android version V4.0 or later. Because it does not support the previous versions of Android. Other platforms besides Android where GTA Vice City can be played are PlayStation 2, iOS, Mac OS X, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Fire Operating System. It is a single player game that was first released on Oct 29, 2002.

Info of GTA Vice City Apk

  • Name: GTA Vice City Apk
  • Latest Version:09
  • Supported Android OS: Android V4.0 and later
  • File Size:60MB
  • Engine: RenderWare
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Fire OS
  • Genre: Action-Adventure Games
  • Modes: Single Player
  • Last Updated: 2019, Feb 10

Features of the GTA Vice City Game

  1. GTA Vice City is available in so many languages. Therefore language is not a barrier to play the game. So you can always play the game no matter which language you know and prefer.
  2. The game has High-quality graphics and character models. It also has cool lighting effects also.
  3. One of the best features of GTA Vice City is that it also supports the MoGa Wireless Game Controller. And not only this, but it also supports many of the other USB gamepads.
  4. You can also customize the graphics and other game settings according to your device. So that the GTA Vice City can run on your device smoothly.
  5. Once you play the game, you will get a number of Interesting and amazing tasks and missions. The amazing tasks and missions will engage you in the game and you will never feel bored.
  6. You will find updated maps and some new areas in the latest GTA Vice City Apk. Also, you will get some new variety of vehicles to drive.

How to download GTA Vice City Apk in Android

Here are the steps with which you can easily download and play GTA Vice City game in your device.

  1. First of all, Uninstall the GTA file if you have already downloaded in your device.
  2. Once done then download the following files in your device according to your need.
  3. After downloading the files, Go to the File Manager.
  4. And then locate the downloaded files in the Downloads.
  5. Once you found the files then tap on the Vice City Apk file to install the file in your device.
    gta vice city apk
  6. Now Tap Install Option from the installation Page.
  7. Wait for a while to finish the installation process.
  8. When the installation process finishes, Don’t open the App. Just close the installation screen after successful completion of installation.
  9. Then go back to the downloads folders and then locate the GTA Vice City MOD OBB File there.
  10. Extract the OBB file to the /sdcard/Android/obb/ You can use any of the file managers to extract the file.
    Note That: if you don’t have any OBB folder inside the Android Folder, then make a new folder and it Obb.
  11. Now you will see the rockstargames.gtavc folder there.
  12. Now you can open the GTA Vice City App and enjoy playing the game.
    gta vice city apk
  13. If you want to use the MOD then firstly Download the MOD zip file from the link that is given above.
  14. Once downloaded, then locate the file in the Downloads
  15. And then Extract the file to Android/Data/
  16. And with this, you are all done.
    gta vice city apk

The gameplay of GTA Vice City

The gameplay of the GTA Vice City is similar to the other GTA series. Here, the game is played with the third person perspective. Here you will control the character named Tommy Vercetti. You can complete the missions or just roam around the city.

In the GTA Vice City game, you will get the controls for Walking, Running, Jumping, and Driving. You can use weapons to kill peoples and your enemies. Here includes police force which will arrest you if you will commit a crime. You can take several missions to earn money. And with that money, you buy several things like house and vehicles.  Simply there is no particular gameplay of GTA Vice City. You can play the game according to you.

Final Verdict

So this was all about GTA Vice City Apk and the best and easiest tutorial to download it in Android device. I hope this article will help you. And you will love the information that we have shared in this article. If you liked the article, then please share this information with your friends and family. So that they can also play the GTA Vice City in their mobile device.

And if you have any query, doubt or suggestion for the article, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

With this, we came to the end of this article. Finally, thank you all readers for visiting here. Please keep visiting for more updates from us.

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