How to Secure Wire Connectors: Five Easy Ways

Safe connection of wires is one of the conditions for fire safety of any auto and house, and, therefore, the safety of people for which secure wire connectors are used. Since many car owners and householders should know how to use automotive multi wire connectors, tap wire connectors, etc., we decided to write an actual article on this topic and provide useful recommendations from the experts who know everything about multiple wire connectors and work in the best online shop WirefyShop.

Basic Techniques for Securing Wire Connections

Quite often, electricians are limited to simple twisting when connecting wires. However, this method does not guarantee the complete safety of an electrical connector. As practice shows, complete security can be guaranteed by a connection made by one of the following methods:

  • Sleeves;

  • Soldering;

  • Wago terminal blocks;

  • Caps;

  • Terminal blocks.

The use of the last three methods, as a rule, does not cause any difficulties, since the reliability and safety of wiring in such cases is ensured by spring contacts (Wago terminal blocks), conical springs (caps) or screws (terminal blocks). Sleeve and solder connections require more detailed consideration, as they can cause certain difficulties. Therefore, we should describe these methods.

Secure Wire Connection Via Sleeves

If you decide to safely connect the wires using sleeves, you need to strip their ends and select a sleeve of a certain diameter. It is important to note that the sleeve put on the wires can be easily sealed by inserting an additional pin or plug into it.

The crimping of the sleeve is carried out with special pliers, on which there are special grooves, marked in accordance with the size of the sleeve being processed. If the sleeve is small, it can be easily crimped even with one hand.

Turning the pliers over, press another additional point. For a safe connection, insulate a cable with waterproof heat shrink.

Such multi secure wire connectors are very reliable and do not require maintenance during operation. This method can be significantly reduced in cost if you replace purchased sleeves with a self-made ring of copper tube. In addition, you can save money by visiting the website WirefyShop.com. There are many cheap products, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy electrical multi connectors and wire crimping tools.

How to Use Soldering to Secure a Wire Connection?

The specialists of the platform WirefyShop.comĀ indicate that you need to strip the wires 5-6 cm and twist them very tightly in order to perform the soldering. The twist must be thoroughly heated with a soldering iron and soldered on both sides using rosin and tin-lead solder. The solder layer should not be thick. Otherwise, drips may occur. The welded twist should be insulated with heat shrinkage.

According to the experts of the online shop WirefyShop.com, the connection of wires using this method is the most reliable and safe.

We hope that the information presented in this article will help you to connect the wires so that it will never become a source of any problems for you.

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