Impact of Technology on Society

We live in the age of Technology. It is an essential part of everyday life. Technology has definitely brought the world closer and made our lives so much easier than it was before. Imagine living in the old stone age!

What’s the Impact of Technology on Society?

Technology enhances learning. It saves time. We can save time through technology with improved communication, improved manufacturing processes, and automation.  Technology has made the world a smaller place. It has become possible to see new countries, new cultures, and traditions. It has also become possible to see new opportunities which are present on the other side of the world. Technology has changed how we pay bills and transfer money.

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Impact of Technology on Society

While technology has done wonders for the world, unfortunately, the world has now become over-dependent on technology. We have become so much addicted & dependent on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat that we go in a state of panic if we don’t find our smartphones for some time. It’s definitely a matter of great concern since it has made us weird among our family. It also leads to several health issues. If we consistently use technology, it can lead to pain in the wrist, forearm & it may even be a cause of depression sometimes.

“Technology brings us closer to those who are far away, but far away from those who are close!”

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  1. a well written blog which deeply explains the harsh reality of todays life. Technology is both curse and boon. in some aspects technology has brought laurels in human society while in some aspects technology is having a deep impact on humans

    Regards- Sujit Parida from (

  2. Yes,this blog is too informative.In one way Technology provides us too much opportunities,on the other hand,it leaves us in restlessness.The attempt is praiseworthy.

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