In What Range Of Numbers Does The SSL Certificate Price Fall?

The price of an SSL certificate is related to the type of certificate you select for website encryption. Prices for SSL certificates range from $8 up to $1000. The ssl certificate price is a significant factor to consider when purchasing your SSL. There is no difference between regular SSL certificates and website SSL certificates. Before deciding on an SSL certificate, you naturally try to acquire an understanding of the expenses involved.

What Is The Average Price Of An SSL Certificate?

The ssl certificate price, like many other technologies, has decreased as time goes on. The price has dropped significantly throughout the past few years.

Different companies offer Single Domain SSL and DV Certificates for as little as $8 per year. As you can see, these SSL certifications are very reasonably priced.

And if you need protection for multiple domains, you can get a Wildcard certificate for $45; while a multi-domain SSL certificate would only set you back $30 annually.

The annual fee for an OV SSL certificate begins at $57.13, while an EV SSL certificate starts at $60. These certificates are, without question, the top-tier SSL options available.

Having this information, you may better comprehend the prices associated with these certificates and their justifications. 

Pricing for Different Types of Certificates

There are distinct types of SSL certificates, each defined by the number of domains and subdomains they can secure and the nature of the validation process they require. As you’ll see in a moment, this classification also influences the cost of SSL certificates. First, though, let’s look at the different SSL certificates available.

SSL Certificate for a Single Domain

These certificates offer protection for a single domain and any subdomains it may have. This certificate can encrypt the www/non-www and variations of a part.

SSL Certificate for Wildcard Use

Wildcard SSL certificates are an extension of single-domain SSL certificates that protect a domain and its first-level subdomains. However, these certificates can cover subdomains up to one level away from the root domain.

 Wildcard certificates can secure multiple subdomains under a single root domain, such as,, and so on. Unfortunately, it won’t protect the subdomain because it’s two tiers removed from the main domain (

Multi-domain SSL Certificates

Your domains or subdomains can be secured with a single multi-domain SSL certificate. There are no restrictions on how far a domain or subdomain must be from the root domain to be protected.

Now, there are three different versions of each of these certifications. Certificate Authorities (CAs) issue certificates with various possible forms, each based on their unique validation procedures.

Final Thoughts on the Price 

That’s the breakdown of how much an SSL certificate will set you back and why. Considering your needs, wants, and available resources, making the best decision for your company has never been more uncomplicated. You must install an SSL certificate and load your site through HTTPS. Then, why hold off now? Feel free to take advantage of this situation and buy the correct certificate. The benefits to you and your guests from this choice will start immediately.

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