Know Some Important Maths Class 10 Board Exam Hacks & Tips

Maths is one subject that many students tend to fear. This is because they are required to remember lots of formulas not only of class 10, but also of the previous classes. Moreover, it is important to practice all the chapters and sums regularly. Only then will you be able to remember them and write the exam confidently. But even after doing this, you may still be confused or get fewer marks than expected in the term exam. Then how to improve fast and get higher scores in the board exam. Availing ncert solutions for class 10 maths and getting to know some tips and hacks will help you achieve your objectives. Joining a good coaching centre will further enable you to study easily and with less effort when compared to studying without any external assistance. The qualified teachers will guide you to study and practice the tough chapters first and will allot the time for each chapter. Moreover, you can also get to know which chapters are to be given the priority to practice

Important topics in chapters to cover and tips to follow

  • Chapter – Real Numbers:
    • Euclid’s Division Lemma
    • Non-Terminating & Terminating decimals
    • Proof of Irrationality

Tip: You will get mostly 1-2 mark questions. 

  • Chapter – Polynomials:
    • Relation between coefficients and zeros
    • Division of Polynomials
    • Zeros of Polynomial

Tip: You may lose marks due to calculation mistakes. So practice a lot. 

  • Chapter – Linear Equation Pair in Two Variables: 
    • Solving two variable equations using different methods like cross-multiplication
    • Inconsistency conditions of linear equation pair
    • Geometric equation representation of two variables in the form of lines
  • Chapter – Triangles: 
    • Pythagoras Theorem

Tip: Memorize proof of all the theorems present with appropriate statements. Draw the diagram.

  • Chapter – Introduction to Trigonometry:
    • Trigonometric identities & proofs
    • Trigonometric ratios & Complementary angles
    • Trigonometric ratios table of standard angles
    • Relation between different trigonometric ratios

Tip: Topics covered in this chapter are all important as they form a Trigonometry base. Do lots of practice. 

  • Chapter – Statistics: 
    • Techniques to identify Mode & Median for any given data.
    • Different calculation techniques for mean or missing frequencies.

Tip: Practice this chapter properly as it is easy and a scoring one. Revise thoroughly to avoid calculation mistakes. 

  • Chapter: Quadratic Equations: 
    • Conditions where Quadratic Equation has Imaginary or Real Roots
    • Quadratic Equations solution using Quadratic Formula. 

Tip: Check if the equation given is quadratic. Identify quadratic equations roots, identify equation discriminant, solving word problems and checking the nature of roots are important. 

  • Chapter – Arithmetic Progression: 
    • Sum of ‘n’ Terms
    • Nth Term

Tip: Understand the formulae used for AP’s nth term including sum of terms. 

  • Chapter – Coordinate Geometry: 
    • Area of given Triangle in Coordinate Plane
    • Section Formula for Internal Div. 

Tip: When using points with negative signor vertices, be very careful. Revise formulae and practice questions from the NCERT textbook. 

  • Chapter – Applications of Trigonometry:
    • Solving Real World problems using Height & Distance.

Tip: Draw neat diagrams to support the question. Mark all figures neatly and write units as required. 

  • Chapter – Circles: 
    • Application & Proof of Theorem 10.1 & 10.2
    • Tangents drawn to Circle from External Point

Tip: Explain answers with neat figures and in proper steps. Wherever necessary, give adequate reasons. 

  • Chapter – Constructions: 
    • Constructing a Tangent to a Circle from a point external to the Circle.
    • Constructing Triangle similar to given triangle

Tip: Before preparing the actual diagram, draw a rough figure. Use sharpened pencils for constructions. 

You should follow class 9 maths ncert solutions to easily practice the different chapters. You can get proper guidance from the qualified and experienced teachers associated with the reputed education portals like Cuemath. They can explain and provide tips on the chapters and topics that you need to give more emphasis. Heeding to expert advice will sure prove to be fruitful.

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