Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Start in USA due to Bureaucratic Pressure

The final step or the much-anticipated phase III testing for the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine will begin on Wednesday, September 2. Several participants are going to volunteer for the vaccine test from Wisconsin and Madison. The University of Wisconsin presently is part of the several test zones in the country for the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine.

The development is happening under a famous organization. The same is an amalgamation of Oxford University and AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company. The experts will start with this sample, and the follow up with two more. Pfizer and Moderna develop the rest of the two vaccines.

The beginning of the trial is the result of all the pressure on pharmaceutical companies from the presidential office. Donald Trump seems to be in a rush to conclude the vaccine development process. He wants to prove a point here before the beginning of the election scheduled in November 2020.

An assistant professor of anesthesiology at UW Health and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health feels otherwise. According to Dr. William Hartman, there are meager chances of a proper report anytime soon. He says that we must wait until this year’s Thanksgiving, even for the fundamental reports.

When can we expect the launch of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine?

Dr. Hartman stresses on the fact that rushing the process will only give way to mistakes. The ideal way to handle the situation is to assure that what the country receives is an effective and safe Oxford COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the process. Hartman is a vital part of the development team, being the Wisconsin University testing chief examiner.

The first person volunteering for the vaccine trial is the principal quality officer of UW, Dr. Jeff Pothof. Apart from being the QO, he is also an emergency physician who will get the injection on September 2. However, Dr. Pothof is not associated with the research process in any other way.

He says that, like everyone else, he is also frustrated with the COVID situation. Besides, it is now time to retaliate, and becoming a volunteer for the trial is his way of doing so. It will ultimately make him feel like he is a part of the solution that becomes a weapon to defeat the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Pothof is a part of the 250-member group who will undergo the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trial for the upcoming few weeks. Two-thirds of this voluntary group’s total members will get the original vaccine shots twice, with a one month gap. In comparison, the remaining members will receive a course of general placebo shots.

President Trump is in a hurry to give his country a vaccine before November 2020

Dr. Hartman reveals that it will take a month at least for the antibody generation to take place. Once they are ready for measurement, the volunteer will get the second and final shot. Now, the participants, after the second shot, will be kept under observation for a month. During this time, scientists and doctors will record regular measurements of antibody generation against the virus.

Hartman adds that the process will end around Thanksgiving. Only then will the government receive a copy of the preliminary data reports. However, President Donald Trump is continually creating pressure on the teams for a speedy result. During a public conference a few days back at the Republican National Convention, the President has put his word in front of the country. He gives assurance regarding a concrete solution, maybe the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine by 2020 end, or sooner.

After the vaccines are applied, some participants will remain under observation for the upcoming two years. This is to understand the effectiveness and longevity of the vaccine. They may also get an understanding of whether this vaccine is good enough to control emergency outbreaks. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) must protect at least 50% of the participants from final approval.

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine: What are the odds of success?

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine contains the famous adenovirus that also causes the regular flu. The genetic alterations have been done before application so that the recipient does not catch the flu. Instead, the adenovirus that is going inside the body will act as a guide to regulate the immunity system. It will enhance the antibody generation process that will, in turn, attack a spike protein present on the coronavirus surface. It is the same element that goes inside the human body and creates an infection.

Trial for an all-inclusive vaccine is important

Dr. Hartman reveals that if the team can successfully restrict the entry of specific spike protein, the virus will not affect the body cells. It seems that AstraZeneca is only one of the COVID-19 vaccines. According to Dr. Francis Collins, Chief of the National Institute of Health, there is a demand for multiple vaccines to satisfy the massive demand. During the latest release, Dr. Collins has assured that the NIH supports more Phase III trials. As a result, the odds of final success increases, and there may be more than one COVID control vaccine soon.

On the other hand, Pfizer and Moderna have selected 30,000 participants for an elaborate vaccine test already. They are now gearing up for the final examination to understand whether their vaccines are significant enough to fight against the SARS-CoV-2, resulting from the coronavirus. Moreover, Johnson & Johnson reportedly enrolled 60,000 participants for the same test. The reason for the enrollment of such a vast number of people is to make sure that not even the minutest detail goes amiss.

The participants come from a variety of ethnicities and ages so that the study becomes more pervasive. According to news, the UW trial site will enroll several college students for the vaccine test. These are the same students who have recently come back to attend classes for the upcoming fall semester.

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