PlayStation Plus: Free games for February 2019

PlayStation Plus: Free games for February 2019: Sony has released the list of PlayStation Plus free games for the month of February on their official homepage. In addition to the popular among PlayStation gamers “Knack” is found with “RiME” also a real insider tip among the games. If you are new to Sony consoles or looking to upgrade your membership then you will need to buy the Playstation plus code from the online stores like Amazon, best buy etc. Pricing would be around $60+ for a 12-month subscription, $25 for a 3-month subscription, PlayStation plus codes are costs like a single title disc but, if you are a game lover then go for it. Because Sony officially offering free games for PSN Plus members in the prior of monthly.

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As part of their membership, PlayStation Plus subscribers will again receive free games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in February.

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

Sony has released the full list of free games for PS Plus subscribers for February. The highlights in this month’s selection are two Jump n ‘Run Games:

First, probably the more famous of the two, “Knack” by developer SIE Japan. In the mix of beat ’em up and classic jump n’ run, the player takes on the role of knack and faces the fight against evil goblins that threaten the world. Corruption of Champions is an amazing time killer game. You may like these games like corruption of champions for entertainment.

The special feature of the game: Through the power of ancient relics, the main character can grow – and at the same time become stronger. So the (initially) running meter later turns into a scary giant. If you are planning to buy Xbox please refer to Xbox price in India.

A real insider tip, however, is the Jump n ‘Run Adventure “RiME” by manufacturer Tequila Works: In the late last year released game slips into the role of a boy who is washed up in a mysterious, magical world on a beach. Accompanied by a magical fox, the young man is helped to uncover his past and, in particular, the reason why he landed on the beach. For fans of Zelda or Shadow of the Colossus, the indie game might be just right.

The following titles are available for free download from the PS Store:

  • Grand Kingdom (PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Mugen Souls Z (PS3)
  • Spelunker HD (PS3)
  • Exiles End (PS Vita)
  • Star Blood Arena (PS VR – PS Plus Bonus Track)

The games will be available for download free of charge for all PS-Plus members from February 6th. Also, you can still download free games for the month of January.

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