Sparkle and Shine: Craft a Free Diwali Poster with Our Maker

The Festival of Lights is almost here! Diwali, the Hindu festival that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance, is a time for families and friends to unite. The streets glitter with lanterns, and homes are decorated with brilliant lights, bringing warmth and joy after the darkness of the new moon.

As part of the festivities, creative Diwali posters add cheer and colour to the celebrations. This year, why not make your Diwali poster for free with our easy online poster maker? Read on for neat tips and ideas to craft an eye-catching Diwali poster that shines.

Pick a Meaningful Slogan or Quote

Start your Diwali poster by picking an inspiring slogan, quote or message that captures the essence of this festival. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • “Let Us Celebrate the Triumph of Good over Evil This Diwali”
  • “May the Festival of Lights Illuminate Your Life with Joy and Prosperity”
  • “Together We Can Spread the Light of Knowledge and Defeat Ignorance”
  • “This Diwali, Make Every Heart Shine Bright”

Choose a quote or slogan that resonates with you and fits the cheerful spirit of Diwali.

Select Vibrant Images and Icons

Visuals and graphics make a poster pop, so look for vibrant photos, clipart or icons to add to your design. Search for royalty-free images of:

Diyas and Lanterns

Clay diyas with flickering flames or colourful paper lanterns make for classic Diwali symbols. Place them against a dark background for dramatic effect.


Firecrackers represent celebration and joy during the Festival of Lights. Pick bold firework graphics or silhouettes for a lively backdrop.


Intricate rangoli designs symbolizing welcome and good luck are intrinsic to Diwali decor. Include traditional motifs or geometric patterns to enrich your poster.

Family and Friends

Nothing reflects the spirit of Diwali more than happy faces lit up with smiles. Include warm images of families, friends and children to add heart to your design.

Use a Color Palette with Meaning

The right colours can enhance the look and meaning of your Diwali poster. Here are some colour combinations to try:

  • Gold and maroon: Rich and regal shades symbolizing prosperity and luck.
  • Green and yellow: Colors of new beginnings, growth and purity.
  • Orange and pink: Bright, happy hues representing knowledge and new relationships.
  • Blue and purple: Mystical tones reflecting spirituality and inner light.

Pick 2-3 harmonious colours for backgrounds, text and decorations. Avoid harsh neons and go for soothing, symbolic shades.

Add Stylish Text with Typography

Now, pull together all your elements by adding text in pleasing fonts. You can include your slogan or quote in a bold, eye-catching typestyle. Use bright, cheerfully scripted or handwritten fonts for subheadings and decorative text. Avoid plain blocky fonts and opt for typography that complements the festive nature of your poster.

Spacing out your text neatly over the design also adds to the appeal. Follow basic principles of visual hierarchy when sizing and placing your text.

Bring It All Together with a Frame

Finally, neatly frame your Diwali poster with graphics to finish the look. Try adding:

  • A decorative border with Diwali motifs
  • Sparkling fairy lights graphics
  • A bright rangoli frame
  • Silhouettes of diyas around the edges

A thematic frame pulls your design together, directs the viewer’s eye and adds instant Diwali cheer.

With these handy tips, you can easily craft an eye-catching Diwali poster to share digitally or print at home. Our user-friendly online poster maker lets you drag, drop and customize your design for free.

This Diwali, adorn your home with a DIY poster that reflects the inner light of the festival. May your life shine brightly with the blessings of the season.


Diwali is a time for togetherness, joy and celebration of light overcoming darkness. By making your own customized Diwali poster design with our free online tool, you can add your personal touch to the festivities this year. Get creative with vibrant images, meaningful text, bold colours and stylish graphics that convey the essence of this festival. Decorate your home with your self-made poster and spread the light of Diwali to all around you. Have a happy, prosperous and peaceful Diwali!

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