The Best of The Best: Types of Blu-Ray Discs and Its Functions

As the years go by, video and audio recording quality in small form factors are solidly improving. Newly developed technologies require the average consumer to have devices that can carry large data capacities for it to be used to create entries of a much larger file size or copies of Discs.

Generally, the Blu-ray discs can be categorized into two types, the rewritable discs, and write-only discs. BD-R, generally as DVD-R and DVD+R, are constituted as a single writable media. BD-RE, or DVD-RW discs, are the format that can rewrite media. There are other disc formats types, and it can be described in this article.


First in the list is the BD-R, a type of blu ray disc that can be used to record data directly into it. However, this type of disc prefers a direct to direct recording technology as it can be utilized with a compatible optical disc recorder. BD-R discs can only be written once, unlike the other disc format wherein it can be written and erased numerous times.

The overall capacity of BD-R disc’s storage relies on the number of layers that it has. However, remember that a single layer of the BD-R can store up to 25 gigabytes worth of data. A double layer would double the amount of storage it can keep as it also can store up to 100 gigabytes worth of data.


Commonly referred to as BD-RE, this Blu-ray disc type has the capability to write and rewrite data in its storage numerous times. The BD-RE is a Blu-ray disc format that can go through the process of erasing and rewriting data countless times. Like the BD-R, the BD-RE discs’ storage capacity relies on the total number of layers it has.

As you know, the BD-R discs can contain up to 25, 50, or even 100 gigabytes worth data depending on its layers. However, the BD-RE Blu-ray disc type can store up to 128 gigabytes worth data while the disc only has four layers.


Blu-ray recently added a new disc type in the lineup called the BD-XL, which stands for Blue-ray Disc Extra Large. As the disc was initially made to be used commercially, the BD-XL name doesn’t joke around as it can store the same capacity of 27 DVDs in a single layer. However, a disadvantage of this type of disc is that the format has gotten a radical decrease in its prices for disc drives with high capacity.

Ultra HD Discs

The last disc type of Blu-rays lineup is the Ultra HD. The disc can support an improved or enhanced video quality compared to the usual formats of Blu-ray discs. The disc can provide video quality of up to 4K UHD as it makes use of its high-efficiency video encoding to process video and images of up to 60 frames per second.

Takeaway of Discs

There you have it! The different types of Blu-ray discs. However, acknowledging which Blu-ray disc type is the best of the best can be an extended argument as there are different opinions about the topic. However, one disc format seems to stand above the others, and that’s the Ultra HD Blu-ray discs as it can provide audio and video services in its highest possible quality.

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