The Power of Social Media Listening on your Business


Through social media listening, corporate leaders can quickly identify and assess what consumers and clients are saying about their business, brands, and services. You need to continually keep in touch with your social platforms to get the required customer feedback, discuss your business keywords, and get information about mentions of your business and brands. Through social listening, you also get in touch with your competitors, the industries, and you can quickly gain insights about several business opportunities.

What is a social listening tool?

This software helps in monitoring and analyzing several online conversations regarding several business topics. This includes information about your brand competitors and various issues surrounding your brand. You will get access to specific keywords regarding your brand, and then you can analyze these keyword mentions to help you understand your brand better. 

As business leaders, we always strive to do what makes our consumers proud because we need to connect with them. People often have the misconception that social listening and social monitoring is the same thing. However, monitoring refers to the process of recognizing and getting alerts as various events take place around your brand. These events include consumer complaint, suggestions, and challenges they are facing while using your products and services. 

How social listening works

As a corporate leader, you need to understand what social media listening is and how it works. The tools used in social media listening help to collect data about your brand online and of your competitors. It is possible to gather this data for a specified period or even gather it in real-time regarding the needs of your business. You can also choose to filter your audience depending on the language and country. You can do research using several company keywords such as the brand and product name, and other phrases.

Sometimes you will need to do away with specific phrases on your brand that are not helping you achieve your business goals. Brand mentions can be positive, neutral or negative. You can also filter these categories to allow you to identify what your consumers love most depending on the mention of your brand. These mentions might include availability, price, and packaging.

Advantages of social listening

Social media listening is a program that allows your business to grow. Most high-profile companies will use this program for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Improving brand health: Social listening will enable consumers to have a better understanding of your business. You can look into the positive and negative feedback regarding your brand products and estimate how well your business is doing or not. 
  • You can connect to your influencers: Consumers will mostly go for products and services that are advertised by their favourite influencers. As a brand, you will look for influencers who can connect with your consumers. 
  • Identify the impact of your marketing campaign: As the CEO of your brand, you will want to evaluate the effect of your marketing campaign. The only way you can do this is by looking through various social listening tools. 
  • Improve your business: Through social media listening, you can efficiently listen to what your consumers have to say about your products. You will look into the negative and positive feedback of your consumers, and this will help you improve on certain aspects of your brand. 
  • You can efficiently compete with other brands: Social listening allows you to look at what other people are saying about your competitors’ brands. You also compare certain aspects of your brands, such as price, and this will give you a competitive advantage. 
  • Improve customer relations: You can efficiently build a strong relationship with your customers through constant communication with your clients through social platforms.


NetBaseQuid is one of the popular social media tools and listening tools in the market. Through this tool, businesses can efficiently communicate with their customers and find out what they have to say about your products. The company works for several companies such as CocaCola, Arby’s, McCANN, and others.

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