The Top-Tier List of Famous Mobile Games

As the world enters the new year of 2021, people are still struggling to break through the worst condition of the pandemic. In all of the boredom that keeps them from going outside, they need to have a certain entertainment to keep them inside. Mobile gaming has been the number one choice and it keeps progressing extremely well as there are over 2.4 billion smartphone users who are actively playing games on their phones. Of all games available on the Play Store and Appstore, which do you think is the most likable genre of mobile gaming?

Battle Royale

In the world of mobile gaming, one specific genre stands out to be the most playable genre game of all time which is battle royale. Battle royale is the type of game that places you alone in the area and force your way to win the royale among other competitors. Famous games such as PUBG, Fortnite, and APEX legends are on the table for an everyday dose of happiness. In a shooting game that incorporates battle royale, the experience is over-the-top exciting and players will have a limitless option on how to enjoy the game. Due to the exhilaration of playing this kind of genre, many people are fully interested in playing games that involve battle royale.

Trading Card Games

Playing a card game should be pretty common for every kind in the 90’s generation. However, being common does not mean it is not special. There are lots of games to choose from and even some of them bring the fortune that players can go to the top by participating in the world championship. Yu-Gi-Oh! Should have been well-played by every people as it starts its debut in the 2000s. In the present day, the game has been incorporated with the advancement of technology in mobile gaming. People can now play trading card games on their phone instead of playing it with a deck in real-time. The rules of this card are not really that complicated and fun to play at your will.


if playing casual games does not hit the spot, your luck may be located in a casino. Gambling is unlike many typical games that do not involve luck and only based on sheer effort. In agen bola terpercaya, you will be faced with the challenge to be brave so that you can bet the amount of money you have in your pocket. If you are in luck, you might get double the money you are betting on. However, you could also lose the money if the odds are not in your favor. Some people may say that it will be tough to play gambling games as it is largely illegal, but there are some casino games registered in the legal system. As such, people will feel comfortable knowing that the game they play is legal.

Puzzle Games

In mobile gaming, you can tons of intriguing things that can encourage your creativity. Puzzle games are among the favorite as it has their own unique players. When we play puzzle games, we are pushed to use every cell of our brain to come up with a solution to complete the game. The exact example of this genre would be the 2049 game that requires you to match every number involved to continue vanishing the box. Unfortunately, the investment in this genre is not really huge and it is only enjoyable for the casual gamer. Thankfully, this game will be very useful whenever you want to take a break, you can resort to this genre to refresh your body and soul.

MOBA Games

Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA) has been quite the trend among many youngsters who are actively holding their smartphones every time and anywhere. As they spend a lot of their time holding their phone, that is quite the opportunity to utilize the potential of MOBA games. MOBA games such as DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends is widely downloaded and played nowadays. Containing a lot of characters and skills and weapons to choose from, people are mesmerized by the potential of MOBA games. People can just tap into their phone with the internet on and invite their friends to play versus or strike the pillar. It will be wise to construct a plan that does not require you to jump into the pillar directly and destroy other small pilar that will ensure your victory.

RPG Games

In other mobile gaming, there is also a game called Role Playing Game (RPG) that allows you to choose a character that matches the job you desire. The exact example would be Honkai Impact which is a hack and slash game corporates with RPG. You can choose the job of the character whether it is a knight or even a mage. You can just simply choose any preference you want.

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