Top Simulation Games To Play On Android

Throughout the year simulation games have attracted a large following and we see popular titles such as Animal Crossing and Cooking Mama become a regular on our screens. The variety of styles, storylines, and features make these types of games crowd-pleasers amongst all gaming fanatics. Through Android devices, players can experience the phenomena of thrilling games on the go, as well as dabble in the world of online slot games and classic casino favourites. The popularity of casino gaming has skyrocketed in recent years, with some of the best online mobile casinos offering attractive bonuses and ensuring high-security measures. Players are incentivised to spin the wheel, all whilst feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that their casino has been reviewed by industry experts, making such games extremely popular on Android smartphones. 

If you enjoy simulation games, read on to discover some of the top simulation games you can play on your Android phone that will be sure to keep you entertained. 

Paradise City: Island Sim Bay

A paradise awaits! Design the ultimate holiday destination; an exotic and beautiful city that you have only dreamed about. As you play this game, you can bring all your thoughts and imaginations together, and create a city that feels just like Heaven. 

Playing this game will help you escape your chaotic life and discover a luscious tropical island. Make your own paradise island by starting with villages and slowly moving on to virtual cities, resorts, and landscapes. As the game progresses, you will also be able to construct cities in snow and desert too! It is addictive and entertaining, as well as having some phenomenal graphics, that are sure to leave you mesmerised. 

Farming Simulator 18

Take part in crop trading for a constant flow of money and to expand your farm in ‘Farming Simulator 18’. Plant and cultivate crops, look after livestock, and take care of your own farm. In addition, you must also participate in the forestry industry as well as the dynamic world market. You can choose between 50 machines and vehicles, and multiple crops such as potatoes, corn, sugar beet, and sunflowers can be harvested. Farm Simulator gives you the most comprehensive experience of farming you’ll ever get in the online world.

Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator

Simulate, expand, and manage your very own hospital in ‘Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator’. The game is essentially Theme Hospital for mobile. Your job is to become the new Health Care Manager of a large hospital located in the middle of a city. You must provide state-of-the-art medical care to the people by strategising and coordinating the hospital staff, from the maintenance man to the doctors. The game can be played offline on your android device too, so you can have fun no matter how good or bad the Wi-fi signal is. 

Game Dev Tycoon

The game ‘Dev Tycoon’ is also among the best simulation games. It’s an 80s-style business simulation game in which you must start a game development company. As a game developer, you must, study new technologies, and launch innovative games in order to boost your company’s revenue. Create a worldwide following and dominate the market with this game developed by your own imagination and creativity. With the aid of your development team, it is all about experimenting; more experiments equal more unique ideas, thus your success.

Cooking Simulator

‘Cooking Simulator’, the most realistic cooking simulation available on Google Play, lets you pretend to be a professional chef. Here, you’ll be responsible for your own kitchen and order placement, and you’ll be tasked with preparing the main courses and side dishes to the highest standard. Among the recipes, there are a range of meats and fish, as well as salads and desserts. There is a lot of variety here since each dish must be cooked differently with a variety of ingredients, utensils, and appliances.

With touchscreen controls, the game can be somewhat tricky, and you can tell it was made for consoles. But if you want a full, bigger experience, it’s worth a look, especially if cooking and gaming are your hobbies. Last but not least, you can also have a lot of fun just burning everyone’s fancy dinner!

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