One Click For Pleasure: 7 Useful Features Of Netflix You Probably Don’t Know About

Without a doubt, Netflix offers us a remarkable service when it comes to streaming great shows, movies, and even documentaries. It quietly conquered most of our smartphones, computers, and tablets. It revolutionizes the way we stream and download content. 


For most people, Netflix becomes their newest way of loosening up. After their pressured weekdays, the streaming platform becomes their number one stress reliever. It allows them just to sit back, relax, and fill their eyes with their all-time favorite series. However, how much do you know about this popular platform. Everything is on the table, waiting for us to explore them. Check out these useful Netflix features you probably don’t know about. 

Secret Codes

This specific feature allows you to stream the show’s hidden sub-genres, and unlock them with special codes.  Netflix allows you to perform this just by browsing the codes at After you have selected the genres, paste it at, and change the CODE with the appropriate number combinations. However, this method can only be performed when you are using Netflix’s streaming website


If you care about what Netflix has to offer, you should care about including ratings then. Suggestions are significantly useful if you want to explore various shows and films based on what you have watched. Netflix will automatically suggest shows that might get your interest. Rate films, shows, or documentaries, and your efforts will surely pay off. 


This is one of the most useful features if you have some guilty pleasures. Netflix allows you to delete your viewing history if you don’t want others to see the shows you have previously watched. It can be done by visiting your Account Menu and click Netflix’s Viewing Activity Page. 


Netflix gives millions of users worldwide an incomparable pleasure with its ability to download shows for offline access. Downloading videos help users save more data, and this is specifically helpful when you are stuck somewhere else with no WiFi or data connection. Netflix allows you to discover the shows that are available to download by just choosing Available to Download on the menu. 

Title Request

Users know that Netflix regularly refreshes their line-ups. However, there are still a few series or movies you badly want to watch that are not available on the platform. Fortunately, Netflix features a Title request where you can request for your favorite shows and submit them to their server. Who knows that soon, your requests will be granted. 

Clearer Subtitles

Netflix allows you to customize the subtitles. You can make them slightly less visible or make them easier to read. To customize them, go to your main menu, click Subtitle Appearance, and play with the font’s size, color, and even with the shadow effects. Make the subtitle suits your taste of usage. 

Remove Rogue Users

You can spot rogue users illegally accessing your account by visiting the Viewing Activity Page and click See Recent Account Access option. It entirely shows the information about your account and allows you to remove any rogue-looking users by selecting Sign Out of All Devices. This is a way of making sure that no one will mess up your streaming and downloading experience. 


The top features mentioned above justify why Netflix becomes the number one streaming platform in the entire world. Millions of users are too gratified with their offered service. It provides users thousands of films and shows. Be it sci-fi, dramas, comedy, action, or horror. Netflix is an all-in-one platform, which continues to flourish. Subscribe to the site now and find your genre. Your pleasure will surely be satisfied.

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